Exploring Blue with Jake Evans

Humboldt State University: Marine Biology Major

SUSiE Fellow: 2016

SUSiE Expedition: EXU2016 Leg 1 – Exuma, Bahamas

Coordinates: North Middle Ground Site 01 Latitude-25° 04.166’ N, Longitude- 76° 49.548’ W
North Middle Ground Site 02 Latitude-25° 04.025’ N, Longitude- 76° 49.524’ W
South Middle Ground Site 01 Latitude-15° 01.048’ N, Longitude-76° 49.065’ W

Location: North and South Middle Grounds Bank en route from Eleuthera to Exumas

Mission Objective: Idenitfy four reef sites for station installs conduct photomosaics on each site location.

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Exploring Blue with Lindsay MacMillan

Auburn University: Organismal Biology – Evolution, Ecology, & Behavior Major

SUSiE Fellow: 2016 and Daybrook Foundation Scholar

SUSiE Expedition: EXU2016 Leg 2 (all girls) – Exuma, Bahamas

Coordinates: 23° 29.87’ N 75°42.42’ W / 23° 30.25’ N 75 43.95’ W

Location: Fowl Cay, Coral Reef Restoration Nursery & the Coral Reefs on the channel side of Elizabeth Harbour

Mission Objective: Take a group of Bahamian Middle school students from St. Andrew’s Anglican School on a class field trip to Fowl Cay, Georgetown, Bahamas to learn about the reef. Then, hunt for Gorgonia ventalina in the reefs next to Elizabeth Harbour.

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Exploring Blue with Adrian Zuniga

Eckerd College, Marine Science & Biomorphic Ceramics Concentration Major

SUSiE Fellow: 2016 and Daybrook Foundation Scholar

SUSiE Expedition: EXU2016 – Exuma, Bahamas

Coordinates: 24°10.200’ N, 076°27.200’ W

Location: Big Majors, Staniel Cay

Mission Objective: Maintaining arrays, collecting core samples & biometric data collection

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In the spirit of one of the greatest ocean explorers in history, Sir Ernest Shackleton, SUSiE invites you to #GETSHACKLED

In celebration of #GIVINGTUESDAY, Nov. 29, Science Under Sail Institute For Exploration (SUSiE) is kicking off its #GETSHACKLED campaign to raise money for research and education expeditions to help protect our seas.

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Each of us has an inherent connection with the ocean, from where all life on earth began. It’s in every drop of rain and the gentle breeze on your face. With every breath you take you are connected to the sea, no matter how far from it you live.

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SUSiE Expeditions Open For Enrollment

Calling all early career scientists and explorers. Join a 2016 SUSiE Expedition in Exuma, Bahamas.

The Science under Sail Institute for Exploration (SUSiE) is now accepting student applications for summer 2016 coral reef research Expeditions to explore the Exuma archipelago, in the far Bahamas.

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Give Blue This Holiday

Dear Friends,

Giving Tuesday (December 1st) marks a global day dedicated to giving back. In celebration, we asked our fans to take the #unselfie challenge over on our Instagram account to kick off our online 10-day #GIVEBLUE holiday fundraiser.

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An #unselfie For Blue

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, December 1 

We ask you to take the #unselfie challenge! Created to support giving tuesday, the unselfie movement is all about less of you and more of others. Unselfie is a global movement created by the Giving Tuesday staff. If you are not yet familiar, you soon will be. Started in 2012 out of the New York Street Y, a group of dedicated people wanted to put a day of giving on the map, and, place it right after all of our days of buying.


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