Exploring Blue with Jake Evans
03 Dec 2016

Exploring Blue with Jake Evans

Humboldt State University: Marine Biology Major SUSiE Fellow:

03 Dec 2016

Humboldt State University: Marine Biology Major

SUSiE Fellow: 2016

SUSiE Expedition: EXU2016 Leg 1 – Exuma, Bahamas

Coordinates: North Middle Ground Site 01 Latitude-25° 04.166’ N, Longitude- 76° 49.548’ W
North Middle Ground Site 02 Latitude-25° 04.025’ N, Longitude- 76° 49.524’ W
South Middle Ground Site 01 Latitude-15° 01.048’ N, Longitude-76° 49.065’ W

Location: North and South Middle Grounds Bank en route from Eleuthera to Exumas

Mission Objective: Idenitfy four reef sites for station installs conduct photomosaics on each site location.

I applied as a last minute chance to fill in a cancelled position. The ocean is my passion and coral is the fire that lights that passion, so, going to the Caribbean for the first time, and it being the Bahamas, was an opportunity that I could not pass up. It is my dream to experience these seas.


I bring a level of energy not found in anyone else aboard. A level of everyday fun that I can share with everyone and make them laugh from their hearts. This allows them to open up and create a great team and atmosphere. Yet, with that energy, I bring endurance and strive to lead the team eventhough I am the youngest and least academically experienced.



Waking up after a stormy night seeing a glassy sea feels like you are in a whole other world. A world that no matter how far you swim, to see more, you will never see it all. The glassy ocean made the heat unbearable, so a full day of diving was a godsend.


“Spotting Glassy Seas”





The teams were rearranged to accomplish faster science work. Because the teams were switched up I ended up without a regulator, so going out to the first site I lead and organized the team. After a couple of minutes of confusion with me free diving to dictate the jobs we finally got under way and breezed through it.

"Hard Core"

“Hard Core”


After both teams were done we moved onto a new reef, sailing the glass plains called the Banks. The search for an oasis of science was unbelievable.


“At The Helm”


For the second reef of the day our drilling and photomosaic mapping (using a GO-PRO on time lapse, we move across over the reef to document the health of the reef) was done without me due to (lady luck not on my side); stomach problems, sunburns and a broken mask stopped me from helping with fieldwork.

"A Little Busy"

“A Little Busy”



“A OK”



“Haley At Work”


"Two Worlds"

“Two Worlds”


I made up for it by helping the other team out of the water. I found that you have to work hard for your team and others before they will work hard for you. As the day’s end, passing and going into memory I only wish to be needed by my team and friends.




"Under The Sea"

“Under The Sea”



"Blue State Of Mind"

“Blue State Of Mind”


"Life Moves On"

“Life Moves On”


"Drift Up"

“Drift Up”


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